Acyclical (非周期性)

Acyclical (非周期性 fēi zhōu qí xìng) describes the irregular movements of the business cycle instead of recurring or moving in cycles regularly. Also see: countercyclical (逆周期 nì zhōu qí).

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • “Acyclical” is the antonym of cyclical. The prefix “a” as ( fēi) refers to negation. “” (fēi) in Chinese phrases is often equal to the prefixes “non-” or “a-“. Another common “Chinese prefixes” with a similar meaning is “” (bù). 
  • ”(fēi) as in “very” (非常 fēi cháng), “outstanding” (非凡 fēi fán), or “not only” (非但 fēi dàn).
  • Cyclical (周期的 zhōu qí dē), or cyclic, refers to events happening in a particular order to constitute a cycle.
  • “Cyclical” (周期性 zhōu qí xìng) as in “cyclical industry” (周期性行业 zhōu qí xìng háng yè), or “cyclical  unemployment” (周期性失业 zhōu qí xìng shī yè).

Part 2: Examples:

  1. Acyclical inflation (非周期性通货膨胀 fēi zhōu qí xìng tōng huò péng zhàng).


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