Animal spirits (动物精神)

Animal spirit (动物精神 dòng wù jīng shén) describes the psychological and emotional factors that drive investors and consumers to make financial decisions in a market economy. People will act according to their emotions and feelings instead of fully based on rational analysis.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

“Animal” (动物 dòng wù) as in “zoo” (动物园 dòng wù yuán), or “animal protection” (动物保护 dòng wù bǎo hù).

“Spirit” (精神 jīng shén) as in “rebellious spirit” (反叛精神 fǎn pàn jīng shén), “mental illness” (精神病 jīng shén bìng), or “spirit of contract” (契约精神 qì yuē jīng shén).



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