Appreciation (升值)

Appreciation (升值 shēng zhí) refers to an increase (提升 tí shēng) in the price or value (价值 jià zhí) of assets. ( zhí) comes from (rén) which means people and ( zhí) which means payroll or salary in ancient Chinese; ( zhí) is usually associated with the concept of value like (值钱 zhí qián; worthy of money) or (市值 shì zhí; market value).

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

” as in “increase” (提升 tí shēng), “ascend” (上升 shàng shēng) or “promotion” (晋升jìn shēng).

” as in “value” (价值 jià zhí), “worthy” (值得 zhí dé) or “worthy of money” (值钱 zhí qián).

Part 2: Examples

  1. Currency appreciation (货币升值 huò bì shēng zhí).
  2.  Capital appreciation fund (资本升值基金 zī běn zēng zhí jī jīn).
  3. Capital appreciation bond (资本增值债券 zī běn zēng zhí zhài quàn).
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