Asymmetric shock (非对称冲击)

Asymmetric shock (非对称冲击 fēi duì chèn chōng jí) refers to the economic shock (冲击 chōng jí) which does not affect all sectors or regions uniformly. (This challenge can be often faced by the common monetary area like the European Union.)

Part 1: 

  • ” (fēi) as in “very” (非常 fēi cháng), “outstanding” (非凡 fēi fán), or “not only” (非但 fēi dàn). 
  • 对称” (duì chèn) as in  “symmetric distribution” (对称分布 duì chèn fēn bù), or “axial symmetric” (轴对称 zhóu duì chèn).
  • The term asymmetric (非对称 fēi duì chèn) is the antonym of symmetric. “” (fēi) in Chinese phrases is often equal to the prefixes “non-” or “a-“. Another common “Chinese prefixes” with a similar meaning is “” (bù). 
  • 冲击” (chōng jí) as in “shock wave” (冲击波 chōng jí bō), or “impact” (冲击力 chōng jí lì).
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