Bank run (银行挤兑)

A bank run (银行挤兑 yín háng jǐ duì) occurs when a large number of bank customers withdraw their bank deposits because they don’t trust that the bank possesses enough deposits for withdrawal and this bank might fail.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • Bank” (银行 yín háng) derives from:
    • ” (yín) as in “silver” (白银 bái yín), “silver-colored” (银色 yín sè), or “silver screen” (银屏 yín píng).
    • ” (háng) as in “industry” (行业 háng yè), or “rank” (行列 háng liè).
  • “Run” (挤兑 jǐ duì) derives from:
    • ” (jǐ) as in “crowded” (拥挤 yǒng jǐ), or in “squeeze” (挤压 Jǐ yā).
    • ” (duì) as in “exchange” (兑换 duì huàn), or in “fulfill” (兑现 duì xiàn).
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