Bitcoin (比特币)

Bitcoin (比特币 bǐ tè bì) is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency with its implementation released as open-source software.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • 比特” (bǐ tè) is the transliteration of the term “bit”.
  • “ (bì) as in “coin” (硬币 yìng bì), “currency” (货币 huò bì), or “token” (代币 dài bì). Coin (硬币 yìng bì; , hard; , currency) refers to a small, flat round piece made of metal or plastic which is used mainly as a medium of exchange or legal tender.

Part 2: Examples

  1. Bitcoin wallet (比特币钱包 bǐ tè bì qián bāo).
  2. Bitcoin mining (比特币挖矿 bǐ tè bì wā kuàng).
  3. Bitcoin ETF (比特币交易所交易基金 bǐ tè bì jiāo yì suǒ jī jīn).
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