Block (区块)

Block (区块 qū kuài) refers to an immutable digital file, which stores all actions that occur on the blockchain network. Each block has its own timestamp, Merkle tree hash value, digital signature, and transaction records.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

” as in “free trade area” (自贸区 zì mào qū) and “dining area” (用餐区 yòng cān qū).

” as in “woodblock” (木块 mù kuài), “brick” (砖块 zhuān kuài), or “broken pieces” (碎块 suì kuài).

Part 2: Examples:

  1. Blockchain (区块链 qū kuài liàn).
  2. Blockchain technology (区块链技术 qū kuài liàn jì shù).
  3. Blockchain wallet (区块链钱包 qū kuài liàn qián bāo).
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