Bloom filter (布鲁姆过滤器)

Bloom filter (布鲁姆过滤器 bù lǔ mǔ guò lǜ qì) is a probabilistic data structure that uses computers spaces efficiently. This data structure is used to test whether a set contains a certain element.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • 布鲁姆” (bù lǔ mǔ) is the transliteration of “Bloom”, the person who conceived this data structure.
  • “Filter” (过滤器 guò lǜ qì) as in “water filter” (滤水器 lǜ shuǐ qì), or in “air filter” (空气过滤器 kōng qì guò lǜ qì).
    • ” as in “process” (过程 guò chéng), “fault” (过错 guò cuò), or “excessive” (过分 guò fèn).
    • ” as in “filter” (过滤 guò lǜ), or “filter element” (滤芯 lǖ xīn).
    • ” as in “machine” (机器 jī qì), “instrument” (仪器 yí qì), or “weapon” (武器 wǔ qì).
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