Candidate block (候选区块)

Candidate block (候选区块 hòu xuǎn qū kuài) refers to a temporary block created by miners in order to receive the block reward. Then this miner will receive a block reward as long as the candidate block he/she produced is with a valid block hash and this block has been broadcasted to the network’s nodes, and another possibility is that this candidate block will be discarded. Also see: block.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • “Candidate” (候选 hòu xuǎn) as in presidential candidates (总统候选人 zǒng tǒng hòu xuǎn rén).
    • ” (hòu) as in “wait” (等候 děng hòu), “time” (时候 shí hòu), or “climate” (气候 qì hòu).
    • ” (xuǎn) as in “selection” (选择 xuán zé), “election” (选举 xuán jǔ), or “ballot” (选票 xuǎn piào).
  • Block” (区块 qū kuài) derives from:
    • ” as in “free trade area” (自贸区 zì mào qū) and “dining area” (用餐区 yòng cān qū).
    • ” as in “woodblock” (木块 mù kuài), “brick” (砖块 zhuān kuài), or “broken pieces” (碎块 suì kuài).
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