Coinbase (系统币)

The “coinbase” (币营 bì yíng) is the “input” of a generation transaction, and a generation transaction has no parent but creates new coins from scratch instead. A coinbase is able to contain any arbitrary form of data. “Coinbase” is also a name for a bitcoin exchange platform.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • “Coin” (硬币 yìng bì; , hard; , currency) refers to a small, flat round piece made of metal or plastic which is used mainly as a medium of exchange or legal tender. “Coin” in English can be used as a verb. For example, “coin” a word or “coin” a phrase (生成单词/词组 shēng chéng dān cí/cízǔ; 生成, to generate).
  • “Base” ( yíng) as in “barracks” (军营 jūn yíng), “camp” (露营 lù yíng), or “concentration camp” (集中营 jí zhōng yíng).  But in most cases, “base” is often referred to as “基地” (jī dì) in Chinese. For example, “military base” (军事基地 jūn shì jī dì), “naval base” (海军基地 hǎi jūn jī di). 

Part 2: Examples

  1. Coinbase transaction (币营交易 bì yíng jiāo yì).
  2. Coinbase rewards (币营奖励 bì yíng jiǎng lì).
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