Confirmation (交易确认)

Confirmation (确认 què rèn) refers to the verification of a certain or a certain series of transaction information. On the Bitcoin blockchain, each transaction must be confirmed by six different nodes to be considered successful. In general cases, confirmation usually refers to the action of checking something or the state of being confirmed.

  • Confirmation as in confirmation letter (确认信 què rèn xìn).

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

” (què) as in “indeed” (确实 què shí), “make sure” (确保 què bǎo), or “diagnose” (确诊 què zhěn).

” (rèn) as in “know/understand” (认识 rèn shí), “cognition” (认知 rèn zhī), or “serious” (认真 rèn zhēn).

Part 2: Examples

  1. Confirmation bias (确认偏误 què rèn piān wù).
  2. Transaction confirmation (交易确认 jiāo yì què rèn).
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