Contagion (蔓延)

A contagion (蔓延 màn yán; , to spread; , to extend) refers to the spread of an economic crisis from one market or region to another and trigger adverse changes in market sentiment both domestically and internationally.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

” (màn) as in “vine” (藤蔓 téng màn), or “sprawl” (蔓生 màn shēng).

” (yán) as in “prolong” (延长 yán cháng), “extend/spread” (延伸 yán shēn), or “postpone” (延期 yán qī).

Part 2: Examples

  1. Financial contagion (金融危机蔓延 jīn róng wēi jī màn yán).
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