Deadweight loss (无谓损失)

Welfare loss (福利净损失 fúlì jìng sǔnshī)

Deadweight loss (无谓损失 wúwèi sǔnshī) occurs due to market inefficiency. Market is inefficient when supply and demand are out of equilibrium.

Deadweight loss (无谓损失 wúwèi sǔnshī) word examples:

  1. Deadweight loss of consumer surplus (消费者盈余无谓损失 xiāofèizhě wúwèi sǔnshī).
  2. Deadweight economic loss (经济无谓损失 jīngjì wúwèi sǔnshī).
  3. Deadweight loss effect (无谓损失效应 wúwèi sǔnshī xiàoyìng).
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