Decentralized consensus (去中心化共识)

Decentralized consensus (去中心化共识 qù zhōngxīn huà gòngshí) refers to the spontaneous product of thousands of independent and seperated participants following simple rules through asynchronous interaction to reach a perfect agreement. All the properties of bitcoin, including currency, transaction, payment and security model, depend on this invention. 

(gòng) as in together (共同 gòngtóng), in total (一共 yīgòng) or public (公共 gōnggòng).

(shí) as in being aware of (认识 rènshí), distinguish (识别 shíbié) or knowledge (知识 zhīshī).

Decentralized consensus (去中心化共识 qù zhōngxīn huà gòngshì) word examples:

  1. Blockchain based decentralized consensus (区块链为基础的去中心化共识 qūkuaìliàn wéijīchǔdē qù zhōngxīn huà gòngshì).
  2. Decentralized consensus technology (去中心化共识科技 qù zhōngxīn huà gòngshì kējì).
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