Decentralized system (去中心化系统)

Decentralized System (去中心化系统 qù zhōngxīnhuà xìtǒng) is an flat and diversified information system emerged in Web2.0, in which every netizen becomes a small and independent information provider and exists no authority.

Decentralized system (去中心化系统 qù zhōngxīn huà xìtǒng) word examples:

  1. Autonomous decentralized system (自治去中心化系统 zìzhì qù zhōngxīnhuà xìtǒng).
  2. Decentralized blockchain system (去中心化区块链系统 qù zhōngxīnhuà qūkuaìliàn xìtǒng).

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