Demand shocks (需求冲击)

Demand shocks (需求冲击 xūqiú chōngjī) are unexpected disruptions that dramatically increase or decrease the demand for goods and services temporarily.

  • 需求 (xūqiú) derives from

 (xū) as in needing (需要 xūyào) or requiring (所需 suǒxū).

 (qiú) as in requesting (要求 yāoqiú) or pursuit (追求 zhuīqiú).

Demand shocks (需求冲击 xūqiú chōngjī) word examples:

  1. Aggregate demand shocks (总需求冲击 zǒngxūqiú chōngjī).
  2. Positive demand shocks (正需求冲击 zhèng xūqiú chōngjī).
  3. Negative demand shocks (负需求冲击 fù xūqiú chōngjī).
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