Depression (萧条)

Depression (萧条 xiāotiáo) refers to a deep downturn in overall economic activities which lasts for a long time. During the depression, GDP falls significantly, the total output decrease and there is mass unemployment. It is a very severe and prolonged form of recession.

  • (xiāo) as in bleak (萧瑟 xiāosè). (xiāo) is one type of plant that grows up in decadent, abandoned and lifeless places, which is also the reason that people use the term later to describe a depressed situation.
  • (tiáo) as in noodles (面条 miàntiáo), a loaf of (一条 yītiáo) or stripe (条纹 tiáowén).

Depression (萧条 xiāotiáo) word examples:

  1. The Great Depression (经济大萧条 jīngjì dàxiāotiáo).
  2. Economic depression (经济萧条 jīngjì xiāotiáo).
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