Difficulty target (难度目标)

Difficulty target (难度目标 nándù mùbiāo) refers to the difficulty level required to make the computing power of the entire network generate a block approximately every 10 minutes.  Also see: difficulty.

  • 难度 (nándù) derives from

 (nán) as in hard (难的 nándē), ill (难受 nánshòu) or blame (责难 zénàn);  (dù) as in degree (度数 dùshù), climate (温度 wēndù) or generous (大度 dàdù).

难度 (nándù) as in course difficulty (课程难度 kèchéng nándù) or degree of difficulty (难度值 nándù zhí).

Difficulty target (难度目标 nándù mùbiāo) word examples:

  1. Difficulty target in Bitcoin (比特币难度目标 bǐtèbì nándù mùbiāo).
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