Digital signature (数字签名)

Digital signature (数字签名 shùzì qiānmíng) refers to a proof to show that the user knows the private key connected to a public key without having to show the actual private key.

(qiān) as in bookmark (书签 shūqiān) or signing in (签到 qiāndào); (míng) as in name (名字 míngzì) or famous (著名 zhùmníng).

签名 (qiānmíng) as in electronic signature (电子签名 diànzǐ qiānmíng).

Digital signature (数字签名 shùzì qiānmíng) word examples:

  1. Certificate-based digital signature (基于证书的数字签名 jīyúzhèngshū dē shùzì qiānmíng).
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