Diminishing marginal product (边际产量递减)

Diminishing marginal product (边际产量递减 biānjì chǎnliàng dìjiǎn) refers to an economic principle indicating that when continue increasing one input factor while keeping everything else the same, there will be a decline in the marginal product corresponding to the per unit increase in the input variable. In simple terms, increasing one factor of production will give less production return for each unit added after a certain limit.

(dì) presents a gradual process, as in increasing progressively (递增 dìzēng); (jiǎn) as in decreasing (减少 jiǎnshǎo) or minus (减去 jiǎnqù).

递减 (dìjiǎn) as in diminishing returns (收益递减 shōuyì dìjiǎn) or decreasing sequence (递减数列 dìjiǎn shùliè).

Also see: diminishing marginal productivity.

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