Discouraged workers (丧志工人)

Discouraged workers (丧志工人 sàngzhì gōngrén) refers to people of working age who are eligible for work, but is currently unemployed and have not actively found employment in the last four weeks. These workers could have given up looking for jobs due to failure in attempting to search for jobs, and thus lost the motivation to continue their job search and become discouraged. Because they are not looking for jobs, discouraged workers are excluded from the labor force and are not counted toward the unemployment rate.

  • (zhì) as in aspiration (志气 zhìqì), ambition (志向 zhìxiàng) or volunteer (志愿 zhìyuàn).
  • 工人 (gōngrén) derives from

(gōng) as in work (工作 gōngzuò), tool (工具 gōngjù) or factory (工厂 gōngchǎng); (rén) as in adult (成人 chéngrén) or humanity (人文 rénwén).

工人 (gōngrén) as in farm worker (农业工人 nóngyè gōngrén) or industrial worker (产业工人 chǎnyè gōngrén).

Discouraged workers (丧志工人 sàngzhì gōngrén) word examples:

  1. Discouraged worker rate (丧志工人率 sàngzhì gōngrén lǜ).
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