Discriminating monopoly (差别垄断)

Price discrimination;歧视性垄断

Discriminating monopoly (差别垄断 chābié lǒngduàn, or 歧视性垄断 qíshì xìng lǒngduàn) occurs when a producer sells a homogeneous commodity or services to different buyers at different prices. Discriminating (区别对待的 qūbié duìdài de, or 歧视性的 qíshì xìng de) refers to making a distinction. Monopoly (垄断 lǒngduàn; , ridge; , soil; , break) occurs when a producer faces no competition in the market and sells a unique product.

  • 差别 (chābié) derives from

(chā) as in difference (差别 chābié), inferior (差的 chàdē) or error (误差 wùchā).

(bié) as in others (别的 biédē) or difference (区别 qūbié).

Discriminating monopoly (差别垄断 chābié lǒngduàn) word examples:

  1. Price discriminating monopoly (价格差别垄断 jiàgé chābié lǒngduàn).
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