Disinflation (反通货膨胀)

Disinflation (反通货膨胀 fǎn tōnghuò péngzhàng) refers to a slowdown in the rate of inflation. It is different from deflation as even price inflation slows down temporarily, the inflation rate remains positive. Also see: deflation, inflation.

  • (fǎn) as in objecting (反对 fǎnduì), violation (违反 wéifǎn) or opposite (相反 xiāngfǎn).
  •  (tōng) as in circulation (流通 liútōng), passing (通过 tōngguò) or smooth (通顺 tōngshùn).
  •  (huò) as in commodity or goods (货品 huòpǐn), money (通货 tōnghuò). The underlying radical is  (bei), which contains the meaning of money.
  • 膨胀 (péngzhàng) as in a swell in population (人口膨胀 rénkǒu péngzhàng).

Disinflation (反通货膨胀 fǎn tōnghuò péngzhàng) word examples:

  1. Consumer price disinflation (消费者价格通缩 xiāofèizhě jiàgé tōngsuō).
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