Dispute settlement (争端解决)

Dispute settlement system; DSS; 争端解决机制

Dispute settlement (争端解决 zhēngduān jiějué) is the crucial pillar of the multilateral trading mechanism, which is applied by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This system is aimed at settling down dispute among member countries. It has made preeminent contributions to the stability of the global economy. A dispute refers to disagreement on certain trade policy among member countries. It occurs when one member country carries out a trade policy that is considered as a failure to fulfill the member country’s obligations by other member countries.

  • (zhēng) as in arguing (争论 zhēnglùn) or war (战争 zhànzhēng).
  • (duān) as in extremes (极端 jíduān) and north pole (北端 běiduān).
  • 解决 (jiějué) derives from

(jiě) as in answering (解答 jiědá) or understand (了解 liǎojiě); (jué) as in determination (决心 juéxīn) or deciding (决定 juédìng).

解决 (jiějué) as in solving a problem (解决问题 jiějué wèntí) or resolving contradictions (解决矛盾  jiějué máodùn).

Dispute settlement (争端解决 zhēngduān jiějué) word examples:

  1. Dispute settlement mechanism (争端解决机制 zhēngduān jiějué jīzhì).
  2. Dispute settlement body (争端解决机构 zhēngduān jiějué jīgòu).
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