Duopoly (双头垄断)


Duopoly (双头垄断 shuāngtóu lǒngduàn) is a form of oligopoly, referring to a market type in which there are only two sellers (or two manufacturers) in an industry, also known as bilateral monopoly (双边垄断 shuāngbiān lǒngduàn).

Duopoly (双头垄断 shuāngtóu lǒngduàn) word examples:

  1. Cournot Duopoly Model (古诺双寡头模型 gǔnuò shuāngguǎtóu móxíng).
  2. Bertrand Duopoly Model (伯特兰德双寡头模型 bótèlándé shuāngguǎtóu móxíng).
  3. Chamberlin Duopoly Model (张伯伦双寡头模型 zhāngbólún shuāngguǎtóu móxíng).
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