Effective factor scarcity (该有效要素稀缺)

scarce in that effective factor

Effective factor scarcity or scarce in that effective factor (该有效要素稀缺 gāi yǒuxiào yàosù xīquē) is the opposite of factor abundance. It means that the supply of a certain factor of production in one country or region is less than that in another country or region.

  • 有效 (yǒuxiào) derives from

 (yǒu) as in own (拥有 yōngyǒu) or useful (有用 yǒuyòng);  (xiào) as in effect (效果 xiàoguǒ), efficiency (效率 xiàolǜ) or effectless (无效 wúxiào).

有效 (yǒuxiào) as in effective treatment (有效治疗 yǒuxiào zhìliáo) or term of validity (有效期 yǒuxiàoqī).

Also see: scarce in that factor, factor.

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