Effective labor force (有效劳动力)

Effective labor force (有效劳动力 yǒuxiào láodònglì) refers to the physical and mental labor that the laborer is engaged in to achieve the expected purpose. This kind of expected purpose mostly refers to the use value of labor products. Labor force consists of all the people who can work in a country.

  • 有效 (yǒuxiào) derives from

 (yǒu) as in own (拥有 yōngyǒu) or useful (有用 yǒuyòng);  (xiào) as in effect (效果 xiàoguǒ), efficiency (效率 xiàolǜ) or effectless (无效 wúxiào).

有效 (yǒuxiào) as in effective treatment (有效治疗 yǒuxiào zhìliáo) or term of validity (有效期 yǒuxiàoqī).

Also see: labor force.



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