Efficient markets hypothesis (有效市场假说)

Efficient markets hypothesis (有效市场假说 yǒuxiào shìchǎng jiǎshuō) refers to the fact that in the stock market with sound laws, good functions, high transparency and full competition, all valuable information has been timely, accurately and fully reflected in the stock price trend, including the current and future value of the enterprise. Unless there is market manipulation, investors cannot beat the market to achieve above-average returns on investments consistently.

Efficient markets hypothesis (有效市场假说 yǒuxiào shìchǎng jiǎshuō) word examples:

  1. Weak efficient market hypothesis (弱式有效市场假说 ruòshì yǒuxiào shìchǎng jiǎshuō).
  2. Semi-strong efficient market hypothesis (半强式有效市场假说 bànqiángshì yǒuxiào shìchǎng jiǎshuō).
  3. Strong efficient market hypothesis (强式有效市场假说 qiángshì yǒuxiào shìchǎng jiǎshuō).


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