Endogenous growth theory (内生增长理论)

Endogenous growth theory (内生增长理论 nèishēng zēngzhǎng lǐlùn) suggests that economic growth is generated from internal factors of an economy. Long-term growth in productivity is directly tied to technological development relies on improvements in innovation, knowledge, and human capital.

  • 内生 (nèishēng) derives from

(nèi) as in inside (内部 nèibù), introvert (内向 nèixiàng) or content (内容 nèiróng); (shēng) as in life (生活 shēnghuó) or birthday (生日 shēngrì).

内生 (nèishēng) as in endogenous error (内生错误 nèishēng cuòwù).

Also see: endogenous, exogenous growth theory.


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