Equilibrium (均衡)

Equilibrium (均衡 jūnhéng) refers to the economic condition in which market supply and demand become balanced (平均 píngjūn) with each other, thus leading to stable prices.

  • (jūn) as in equal (平均 píngjūn) or even (均匀 jūnyún).
  • (héng) as in balanced (平衡 pínghéng) or measure (衡量 héngliáng).

Equilibrium (均衡 jūnhéng) word examples:

  1. Equilibrium price (均衡价格 jūnhéng jiàgé).
  2. Market equilibrium (市场均衡 shìchǎng jūnhéng).
  3. Equilibrium interest rate (均衡利率 jūnhéng lìlǜ).
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