Equivalent import tariff (等值进口关税)

Tariff Equivalent

An equivalent import tariff (等值进口关税 děng zhí jìnkǒu guānshuì) refers to a tariff which discourages imports in order to promote domestic industries and companies. Instances of an equivalent import tariff include but are not limited to import quotas and licensing restrictions.

 (jìn) as in buying and bringing into (买进 mǎi jìn), going into (进去 jìnqu);  (kǒu) as in entrance (门口 ménkǒu).

进口 (jìnkǒu) as in port of entry (进口港 jìnkǒugǎng) or imported goods (进口货 jìnkǒuhuò).

  • as in customs (海关 hǎiguān), or ‘close the door’ (关门 guānmén).
  •  as in taxation 税收 (shuìshōu).

Also see: import; tariff; import quotas; quota license.

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