Escape clause (免责条款)

Escape clause (免责条款 miǎnzé tiáokuǎn) refers refers to the clause agreed by the parties to exempt or limit their future contractual liability.

  • (miǎn) as in free (免费 miǎnfèi) or avoiding (避免 bìmiǎn).
  • (zé) as in responsibility (责任 zérèn) or blame (指责 zhǐzé).
  • 条款 (tiáokuǎn) derives from

(tiáo) as in entry (条目 tiáomù) or condition (条件 tiáojiàn); (kuǎn) as in money/ fund (款项 kuǎnxiàng) or treat cordially (款待 kuǎndài).

条款 (tiáokuǎn) as in legal provisions (法律条款 fǎlǜ tiáokuǎn) or additional clause (附加条款 fùjiā tiáokuǎn).

Also see: safeguard provision.

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