Externality (外部性)


Externality (外部性 wàibùxìng) is a negative impact resulted by an industrial or commercial activity on other parties and the impact is not reflected in the market.

  • (wài) as in outside (外面 wàimiàn), foreign (国外 guówài) or outgoing (外向 wàixiàng).
  • (bù) as in department (部门 bùmén) or part (部分 bùfèn).
  • (xìng) as in woman (女性 nǚxìng) or quality/property (性质 xìngzhì).

Externality (外部性 wàibùxìng) word examples:

  1. Positive consumption externalities (正消费外部性 zhèng xiāofèi wàibùxìng).
  2. Positive production externalities (正生产外部性 zhèng shēngchǎn wàibùxìng).
  3. Negative consumption externalities (负消费外部性 fù xiāofèi wàibùxìng).
  4. Negative production externalities (负生产外部性 fù shēngchǎn wàibùxìng).
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