Factor abundance (要素丰裕)

abundant in that factor

Factor abundance (要素丰裕 yàosù fēngyù) equals to abundant in that factor (该要素丰裕 gāi yàosù fēngyù). It determines the appropriate or feasible allocation range of factor use in its industries; it also determines the appropriate or feasible range of factor price.

(fēng) means rich; (yù) the underlying radical is meaning clothes ( yī) and meaning wheat ( gǔ).

丰裕 (fēngyù) as in live in plenty (生活丰裕 shēnghuó fēngyù).

Factor abundance (要素丰裕 yàosù fēngyù) word examples:

  1. Factor abundance theory (要素丰裕理论 yàosù fēngyù lǐlùn).

Also see: factor, effective factor endowment.

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