Fixed exchange rate

pegged exchange rate

Fixed exchange rate (固定汇率 gùdìng huìlǜ) refers to a country’s exchange rate regime in which the government or central bank ties the value of its currency to another widely-used currency, gold, or a basket of currencies.

  •  (gù) as in solid (坚固 jiāngù) or firm and stable (稳固 wěngù).
  •  (dìng) as in certain (确定 quèdìng), deciding (决定 juédìng) or definition (定义 dìngyì).
  • 汇率 (huìlǜ) derives from

 (huì) as in (汇款 huìkuǎn), (汇钱 huìqián) or converge (汇合 huìhé);  (lǜ) as in ratio (比率 bǐlǜ), heart rate (心率 xīnlǜ), probability (几率 jīǜ), or efficiency (功率 gōnglǜ).

汇率 (huìlǜ) as in floating exchange rate (浮动汇率 fúdòng huìlǜ).

Fixed (or pegged) exchange rates (固定汇率 gùdìng huìlǜ) word examples:

  1. Fixed (or pegged) exchange rate system (固定汇率体系 gùdìng huìlǜ tǐxì).

Also see: floating exchange rate.

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