Free-trade agreement (自由贸易协定)

A free-trade agreement (自由贸易协定 zìyóu màoyì xiédìng) is a legally binding contract between two or more countries that reduces trade restriction and promotes economic efficiency. One of its goals is to eliminate trade barriers (贸易壁垒 màoyì bìlěi; bì, wall; lěi, base; tǔ, soil/land/ground) such as tariffs, and to allow free flow of products and services between countries.  Also: free trade.

  • (mào) and (yì) both refers to the commercial activities of exchange of goods.
  • 协定 (xiédìng) as in peace agreement (和平协定 hépíng xiédìng).

Free-trade agreement (自由贸易协定 zìyóu màoyì xiédìng)word examples:

  1. Free-trade (自由贸易 zìyóu màoyì) as in a free-trade area (自由贸易区 zìyóu màoyì qū).
  2. Agreement (协定 xiédìng) as in a loan agreement (贷款协定 dàikuǎn xiédìng).


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