Import (进口)

Imports (进口 jìnkǒu) refers to the goods or services brought into (买进 mǎi jìn) a country which having been produced in a foreign country, or the act of bringing in goods and services produced abroad. Also see: export.

  • (jìn) as in buying and bringing into (买进 mǎi jìn), going into (进去 jìnqu).
  • (kǒu) as in entrance (门口 ménkǒu).

Imports (进口 jìnkǒu) word examples:

  1. Port of entry (进口港 jìnkǒugǎng).
  2. Imported goods (进口货 jìnkǒuhuò).
  3. Import quota (进口限额 jìnkǒu xiàn’é).


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