Macroeconomics (宏观经济学)

Macroeconomics (宏观经济学 hóngguān jīngjì xué) refers to the study of the overall economy as a whole. It focuses on aggregate phenomena such as the price level, inflation, general levels of output, unemployment, and economic growth. Also see: microeconomics.

  • (hóng) as in grand (宏大 hóngdà); (guān) as in watch (观看 guānkàn) or viewpoint (观点 guāndiǎn). 宏观 (hóngguān) means macroscopy.
  • (xué) as in mathematics (数学 shùxué) or study (学习 xuéxí).

Macroeconomics (宏观经济学 hóngguān jīngjì xué) word example:

  1. New Classical Macroeconomics (新古典宏观经济学 xīngǔdiǎn hóngguān jīngjì xué).
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