Marginal revenue (边际效益)


Marginal revenue (边际效益 biānjì xiàoyì) refers to the additional revenue generated by one extra unit of product sold in sales.

  • (biān) as in border (边界 biānjiè) or remote (边远 biānyuǎn); (jì) as in international (国际 guójì). 边际 (biānjì) means boundary or limit, as in marginal revenue (边际收入 biānjì shōurū).
  • (xiào) as in effect (效果 xiàoguǒ); (yì) means benefits, as in beneficial insect (益虫 yìchóng). 效益 (xiàoyì) means benefits, as in advertising revenues (广告效益 guǎnggào xiàoyì or 广告收入 guǎnggào shōurù).

Marginal revenue (边际效益 biānjì xiàoyì) word example:

  1. Marginal revenue product (边际收入产品 biānjì shōurù chǎnpǐn).
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