Migration (移民)

Migration (移民 yímín) refers to a phenomenon of spatial population flows in space.

Migration can be intra- or inter-national. Migration is a historical phenomenon but has increased in the modern period, particularly during waves of globalization.

  • (yí) as in moving or shifting (移动 yídòng).
  • (mín) as in nation (民族 mínzú), people (人民 rénmín) or democracy (民主 mínzhǔ).

Migration (移民 yímín) word examples:

  1. Illegal immigrate (非法移民 fēifǎ yímín).
  2. Immigration quota (移民定额 yímín dìné).
  3. Immigration law (移民法 yímínfǎ).
  4.  Immigrant or emigrant (移民者 yímínzhě).
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