Multifiber Arrangement (多种纤维协议)

Multifibre Arrangement; MultiFibre Arrangement; MFA

Multifiber Arrangement (多种纤维协定 duōzhǒng xiānwéi xiédìng) refers to an international trade agreement on textiles and clothing, which was effective from 1974 till 2004. Multifiber Arrangement imposed quotas on the quantities of clothing and textile exports from developing countries to developed countries, aiming at bringing the textile trade under the jurisdiction of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Also see: quotas.

  • (duō) as in many or multi (许多 xǔduō or 很多 hěnduō) or how many (多少 duōshǎo); (zhǒng) as in type (种类 zhǒngleì). 多种 (duōzhǒng) means various or many kinds of, as in varied (多种多样 duōzhǒng duōyàng).
  • (xiān) means fine and minute, as in tenuous  (纤小 xiānxiǎo) or slender (纤细 xiānxì); (wéi) as in maintaining (维持 wéichí). The radical of both (xiān) and (wéi) is “” which means silk. 纤维 (xiānwéi) is fiber.
  • (xié) as in coordinate (协调 xiétiáo) or cooperate (协作 xiézuò); (dìng) as in define (定义 dìngyì) or settle down (定居 dìngjū). 协定 (xiédìng) means agreement.
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