Official market (官方市场)

Official market (官方市场 guānfāng shìchǎng) refers to the trading market which is supervised and regulated by an authoritative entity, as opposed to the grey or black market.

  • (guān) as in official (官员 guānyuán) or the judge (法官 fǎguān); (fāng) as in way or method (方式 fāngshì or 方法 fāngfǎ), direction (方向 fāngxiàng) or convenient (方便 fāngbiàn). 官方 (guānfāng) means of the government, as in official information (官方消息 guānfāng xiāoxi).
  • (shì) as in supermarket (超市 chāoshì) or citizens (市民 shìmín); (chǎng) as in place (场合 chǎnghé). 市场 (shìchǎng) means markets.

Official market (官方市场 guānfāng shìchǎng) word example:

  1. Official exchange market (官方外汇市场 guānfāng wàihuì shìchǎng).
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