Population growth (人口增长)

Population growth (人口增长 rénkǒu zēngzhǎng) refers to the increase in the number of individuals in a population over time.

  • (rén) as in human (人类 rénlèi) or character (人物 rénwù).
  • (kǒu) as in entrance (入口 rùkǒu), harbor (港口 gǎngkǒu), or lipstick (口红 ǒuhóng).
  • (zēng) refers to increase or add to.
  • (zhǎng) as in grow (生长 shēngzhǎng).

Population growth (人口增长 rénkǒu zēngzhǎng) as in:

  1. Population growthrate (人口增长率 rénkǒu zēngzhǎng lǜ).
  2. Negative population growth (人口负增长 rénkǒu fù zēngzhǎng).
  3. Urban population growth (城市人口增长 chéngshì rénkǒu zēngzhǎng).
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