Predatory dumping (掠夺性倾销)


Predatory dumping (掠夺性倾销 lüèduó xìng qīngxiāo) refers to a situation where foreign companies unfairly price their products below market value or the cost of production in order to drive out domestic competitions and implement a high monopoly price afterward. Also see: dumping.

  • (lüè) as in invading (侵略 qīnlüè); (duó) as in fighting for (争夺 zhēngduó) or seizing or wresting (夺取 duóqǔ). 掠夺 (lüèduó) means plundering or pillaging, as in predator (掠夺者 lüèduó zhě).
  • (qīng) as in listening to (倾听 qīngtīng), inclination (倾向 qīngxiàng) or pouring out (倾倒 qīngdào); (xiāo) as in sell (销售 xiāoshòu) or quantity of goods sold (销量 xiāoliàng). 倾销 (qīngxiāo) means selling goods at a very low price.
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