Reserves (储备)

Reserves (储备金 chúbèi jīn), or bank reserves, are preparations set up in the project plan to mitigate cost and progress risks. They are funds established to meet future repurchases, redeem capital debts or prevent accidental losses. Also see: reserve currency.

Reserves (储备金 chúbèi jīn) word examples:

  1. Reserve against deposit (存款储备金 cúnkuǎn chúbèi jīn).
  2. Excess reserves (超额准备金 chāo’é zhǔnbèi jīn).
  3. Statutory deposit reserve ratio (法定存款准备金率 fǎdìng cúnkuǎn chúbèi jīn lǜ)
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