Safeguard tariff (防卫税)

Safeguard duty

Safeguard tariff (保障性关税 bǎozhàng xìng guānshuì), or safeguard duty, refer to a tariff imposed by a WTO member on imports temporarily as a safeguard action when its domestic industry is harmed by certain imports. Also see: tariff; safeguard provision.

  • (bǎo) as in protecting (保护 bǎohù), maintaining (保持 bǎochí) or guarantee (保证 bǎozhèng); (zhàng) as in obstacle (障碍 zhàngài) or barricade (路障 lùzhàng). 保障 (bǎozhàng) means assurance, as in social security (社会保障 shèhuì bǎozhàng).
  • (guān) as in relation (关系 guānxi), about (关于 guānyú) or following with interest (关注 guānzhù); (shuì) means tax, as in after-tax (税后 shuìhòu). 关税 (guānshuì) means customs duty.
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