Speculative attack (投机攻击)

Speculative attack (投机攻击 tóujī gōngjī) occurs in the foreign exchange markets when investors believe that the currency is over-valued. Therefore, they sell that specific kind of currency, expecting its price to fall, and tend to buy another currency.

  • (tóu) as in investing (投资 tóuzī), voting (投票 tóupiào) or surrender (投降 tóuxiáng); (jī) as in machine (机器 jīqì), mobile phone (手机 shǒujī) or airplane (飞机 fēijī). 投机 (tóujī) refers to an investment involving a high risk of loss, as in speculator (投机者 tóujī zhě).
  • (gōng) as in breaching (攻破 gōngpò) or specializing in (专攻 zhuānggōng); (jī) as in hitting (打击 dǎjī), defeating (击败 jībài) or fighting back (反击 fǎnjī). 攻击 (gōngjī) means assaulting or launching an offensive, as in attack target (攻击目标 gōngjī mùbiāo).
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