Vehicle currency (媒介货币)

Vehicle currency (媒介货币 méijiè huòbì) is the currency (货币 huòbì) that is used as a medium (媒介 méijiè) of exchange and a store of value not only for transactions within the country but also for international public and private transactions.

Part 1: Breakdown of Words

  • The character ( méi) consists ( nǚ) which means woman/female and ( mǒu) which means unspecified people/things. This character originally means to introduce a people/husband to a girl for a marriage. Now it is used to indicate a medium for connection.
  • “Medium” (媒介 méijiè) as in “intermediate” (媒介物 méi jiè wù), “media” (传播媒介 chuán bō méi jiè, or 传媒 chuán méi).
  • Currency” (货币 huòbì) as in “digital currency” (电子货币 diàn zǐ huò bì), or “cryptocurrency” (加密货币 jiā mì huò bì).
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